The 5 Steps Of Pick-Up


In order to make it simple for you, I would like to divide this process of picking up women, into 5 simple steps. In each of these 5 steps, you will need to use different techniques and even behave a bit differently.

Now, there are different ways to divide pickup into steps. For example, Mystery (Eric Von Markovik) divides it into 9 steps. However, this 5 steps are easier to remember, and although there are many things that I adore in mystery, I disagree with his 9 steps theory. Anyway, we will have just 5 steps. It’s important to understand these 5 steps, as this whole guide will be based on them.

Here They Are:

Step 1: Approaching And Starting Conversation

This is the first step, and the one most men fail to do. It’s not that they don’t approach properly, most men simply are afraid to approach.

This step begins with approaching the girl (or a group of girls, or even a mixed group of guys and girls) and using an “opener” (or a pickup line). If the opener is successful, you get into an interaction with the girl. And that is where step 1 ends. The only purpose of the opener, is to start a conversation. This steps shouldn’t take more than 1-3 minutes.


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Step 2: Creating Attraction

This is the step in which you make the girl attracted to you. It includes using flirting techniques, teasing, humor, telling stories, and more. This is the step in which you will show the girl that you are not one of those “regular guys” that approach her and buy her drinks. It’s the step, in which you will show your attractive male qualities. In this guide, you will learn more than 8 different techniques to create attraction.

This is the part of interaction, where your goal is to make the girl show interest in you. When she gives you enough indications of interest (also called IOI), you can move to the next step, and show interest in the girl. This step usually takes from 10-30 minutes.

Step 3: Showing Interest In The Girl

It doesn’t really matter what conversation opener you will use – women understand that if a man approaches them, he has some interest. Even if you tell them that you are gay, somewhere in their subconsious mind they feel that you are interested.

The step of showing interest in the girl is crucial. We all know that the reason men approach women is their physical looks (ie. Tits, Ass, Legs, etc.). In this step, your goal is to show the girl that you like her because of qualities she has that are beside her physical looks.

It sounds simple, but it has to sound sincere, and you will need to make the girl show you her qualities. This step usually takes 5-10 minutes. It involves complimenting the girl, but you shouldn’t compliment too much, as it will make her ego rise too high. This step can continue to the next one, or end with getting the girls phone number.

Step 4: Building Comfort And Rapport

This step, although it can continue immediately after the previous step, will usually take place on a different day. This is what we call “A Date”. On a date, you will continue with creating attraction, but the main purpose of a first date is to create comfort and rapport with the girl.

One this step, you will tell each other about yourself, and create an emotional connection. This step can take from a few hours to a few days. In order to move on to the next step, you must kiss the girl (Having sex without kissing first happens only with “working girls”).

Step 5: Sexual Escalation

This is the final step of picking-up a girl. It can begin on the date, by getting physical with the girl, but most of this step should happen in a place where it would be comfortabtle – usually your or her place.

In this step, you will be slowly “escalating” towards having sex. It will happen by getting her comfortable to touching each other. You will need to slowly undress her, get her aroused, and finally get her naked and have sex.

In many cases, you will face what is called “Last Minute Resistance”, just before getting sexual. For women, having sex with a guy has a stronger meaning than it is for men. She might tell you “not now” or “I am not ready”. We will discuss how to deal with such situations.

Before continuing, I want you to make a break, and see if you visualize this whole process, those 5 steps of pick-up. See if they sound logical to you.

Now, in the following chapters, we will learn how to deal with each of these steps. You will learn lots of techniques, methods, tricks, topics, conversation openers, routines, and more.

There is no chance you will learn them all in a single day. No chance! So, before you move on, I want you to make sure that you added this guide to your faviourites. You should be able to easily stop reading, go out to practice, and then come back and continue.



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