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  • Anorexia And Bulimia in Teenagers.

Both anorexia and bulimia are eating disorders that affect teenagers. Teenagers with eating disorders usually have other problems such as low self-esteem, family problems, or other emotional problems.


  • Antibiotic Resistance.

This paper examines antibiotic resistance in two government hospitals in the United States. It outlines an experiment designed to determine levels of antibiotic resistant respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) in two hospitals and an intervention to reduce rates.


  • Antidepressant Drugs

This paper discusses the major antidepressant drugs used today, their nature, the side effects associated with each type, potentially adverse drug interactions, and other issues that the clinician must keep in mind when prescribing these drugs and that the patient must know when taking them in order to avoid harmful effects up to and including death in some cases.

  • Article Critique: Efalizumab for Patients with Moderate to Seve Plaque Psoriasis

The review of this article centered on evaluating the researchers ability to conduct accurate experimental research. Attention was given to sampling, statistical data analysis, interpretive results, and future research possibilities. The final analysis stated that the research prefect did not adhere to the rigors of effective experimental research and should be replicated.


  • Article Review - An Economic Evaluation of Asthma In The United States.


This paper's focus is to find out the total costs of treating asthma in the United States. This paper is an academic exercise that is directed towards policy makers in the field of health care in the United States.


  •  Article Review: "Poverty and Health".


This paper examines the World Health Organization, Commission on Macroeconomics and Health, "Working Paper Number WG1: 5, Poverty and Health" (March 2001). It critiques this document and relates it to larger issues surrounding development.


  • As Easy as Breathing.

This paper presents a detailed description of asthma. The author goes through the disease statistics, cause and treatments. The reader is given a better understanding of the disease and its course as well as what steps are being taken currently to curb it.


  • Aspartame: A Health Risk

.The paper deals with the arguments related to the use of Aspartame as a sugar substitute. The viewpoints of both parties i.e. those who advocate aspartame as a substitute and its critics are considered, and conclusions draw. 


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