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Navegando con los Verbos


In this Webquest we expect that you get ready to learn and identify regular and irregular verbs through different kinds of activities.

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  1. Read the text  ARCHIMEDES carefully and highlight the verbs.
  2. Now write them down in the correct place and stick pictures of five verbs.

                          REGULAR VERBS    |       IRREGULAR VERBS


     3 Write a composition using the following verbs


     4. Now you are ready to do this exercise. Read the following sentences and choose the right verb.

  1. Susan_________________ (travels - travelled - taveled) to Scotland last weekend.
  2. You _________________(listened to - listend to - listens to) clasical music yesterday.
  3. I ______________ (take - took - takes) my little brother to school yesterday morning.
  4. My sister _____________ (goes - gone - went)to Jenny's party last Saturday.
  5. Laura ________________ (couln't - can't - cannot) do the last exercise!.
  6. The police _____________  (watched - watches - watch) the thief in the park last night.
  7. John Lennon ______________ (lives - live - lived) in New YorK in 1980.
  8. We ____________ ( saw - see - sees) a light in my father's office last Sunday.
  9. A baker ____________ (calls - called - call) Raffaela Esposito ____________ (invented - invent - invents) the modern pizza in 1889.




A Verb is a word that describes an ACTION or a STATE.



written board        a boy            smile     a woman in a car


    1.You should see the text ARCHIMEDES in this page:


    2. Choose pctures from this page:


    3. Use these verbs in this page



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  • Uso adecuado de los recursos tecnológicos.
  • Interés en la materia.





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