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Grammar Note

Use was with singular nouns and the pronouns I, he, she, and it.

        Where was Washington?

        Where was he?

Use were with plural nouns and the pronouns we, you, and they.

        Where were Washington and his army?

        Where were they?

Note: were is used with both the singular and the plural you.


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Go to the following page on the internet.  Answer the questions do copy paste and send to my e-mail.



When you finish with exercise do a board game to be presented in class.


Teacher´s e-mail



To be able to do your homework it is necessary for you do practice your grammar structure so please do first your exercise and when the structure is clear do your board game.


1.Go to the web site and pick a board game.


2.                     Download Complete Game Board Template    This board game will be a great chose.  

3.                     When you decide on the board game you have to write questions when the players go in each box.

4.                     Remember that the rules are written by you.

5.                     Have a question for each box and a good idea is for you to make sure only one answer is correct.

6.                     Check the whole page is a great site.



Your evaluation will be the day of the presentation of the board game.


All the material in the class                 20pts

Clear instructions                                 20pts

Correct use of grammar structure        30pts

English use all the time                                20pts

Correct use of time                               10pts

TOTAL                                                 100pts





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