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Communication has always been essential to the progress of mankind. Different methods of communication have evolved over the time with the advancement of technology.  With this activity we expect to  lead students through communication, its changes  from images on caverns to the use of electronic devices.   We are confident students will enjoy this project, and that they will learn a lot from this topic. 

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Students should be able to keep up a conversation over the impact of ICT and the way we interact currently.



projectorResultado de imagen para imagen de un proyector digitalscreenX-KIM - Pantalla Telon Video Beam Proyector Electrico 2 X 2 M X-kimpcResultado de imagen para pc

smoke signalsResultado de imagen para smoke signalsyo-yo   Resultado de imagen para yoyospinning top Resultado de imagen para trompo

cup and ballResultado de imagen para balero juguete hula hoop Resultado de imagen para juegos callejeros     street soccer Resultado de imagen para futbol callejeros


Previous research from students is expected.  Some reading related to history about communication would be useful, as well as reviewing some functions like talking about experiences or things that have happened before now: present perfect tense, adverbs  such as: just, yet and already.  Describing an activity or a state that happened many times in the past is useful when narrating events (used to).


AIm: Based on the above research, students are expected  to role-play a conversation on  how communication has evolved over the time. 

Sessión 1


Students describe some images  and relate them to the type of communication.


I. The "find someone who" game will be played. Students have to go around the classroom trying to find the person who has been doing/has already done the activity . 

Example: He asks: "Have you bought  an Iphone "  If the person that has been asked answers "yes," then he writes the name of the person in the blank space. The person who completes all of the blank spaces first wins


__________________________ has bought  an Iphone.

__________________________ has sent and E-mail today

__________________________ has searched something about the evolution of communication  on the internet

__________________________ has played yoyo when he/she was a kid 

__________________________ has never played spinning top

__________________________ has never played soccer in the street

__________________________ has played hide and seek

__________________________ has had a  radio recorder  in his/her house 

__________________________ has not made any telephone call today

__________________________ has used WhatsApp on his/her way to ICESI

Students read the names of the persons on the blank space and ask the the question, the asked students will have to be able to give an answer  that lasts about  30 seconds.  


1B.  Students play the Chinese Whispers: Make two lines of eight students. The teacher shows a sentence and students need to be able to whisper to each other the sentence without being overheard. The last student writes the message they heard on the board. (Language: Present perfect using adverbs)

Elicit sentences using the present perfect and adverbs, write them on the board

II. Students will listen to this audio  (do not show the script) and  paraphrase it.

The script is given to the students and they are supposed to listen to the conversation and fill in the blank spaces 

Some students will be asked to paraphrase the audio


Sessión 2


Students  review the present perfect tense.

Students willl do some exercises in the present perfect tense  adding already and yet.

Students will check their answers.


Session 3

Students will talk about changes they have had in their lives abd the things that are not done in they way they used to be (used to).

Tells the students to  write a 150 word text about how communication has changes throght the years.

Actividades Docente

Actividad del docente

Session 1

Teacher is just facilitator, this activity is student centered and he is supposed  to have the most participation in the activities.

Asks what students previously  search about the  first signs of communication

Shows some images for students to describe and talk about haw they are related to communication

Gives the sentence to the first student to whisper it to the next student and so on, for the last student to write it on the board

Encourages students to talk about their lives 

Plays the audio found on the link provided

Shows the exercise to be completed with the words appearing above

Provides the script to students and asks them some questions to be exchanged among them.

Checks the questions and listens to their answers.


Sesión 2

Asks some students to review the present perfect tense.

Gives students the photocopy for the FIND SOMEONE WHO game.

Have students read the names of the persons on the blank space for them to give the 30 seconds answer 



Session 3

listen to students taking about changes they have had in their lives and the things that are not done in they way they used to be (used to).

Tells the students to  write a 150 word text about how communication has changes throght the years.

Teacher will check what students report about their life changes and the writing part, letting them know about the errors the made,

Actividades Estudiante

Actividad del estudiante

Sessión 1

Student  talks about the first signs of communication.

Student describes some images presented and relate them to the type of communication the pictures  refer to.

Student talks about  some other examples related to the image presented 

Student  plays the Chinese Whispers:  whispers to the next student  a sentence without being overheard. The last one  writes the message they heard on the board. 

Student listens to this audio 

Student  paraphrases what he listens.

Student completes the vocabulary challenge using  the missing words  appearing above.

Student reads the script.

Student writes some questions to be exchanged with their classmates.  

Student checks his answers in class.

Sessión 2

Student explains (reviews) the grammar aspect on the board.

Student do the exercises.

Student participates in the FIND SOMEONE WHO game

Student gives answer to the questions for 30 seconds


Session 3

Student talks about real situations, a) the changes they have had in their lives

                                                    b) Things that are not done anymore in the way they used to be done.(used to)

Student writes a 150 word text about how communication has changes through the years.



Writing about the evolution of communication                  10 %

Evaluation of the grammar aspect


Universidad Icesi

School of Education Sciences

Foreign Language Department

English level IV

Project done by JImena Franky and Darío Naboyán

Project created in September 2018.

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