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Soap operas are a very commong T. V genre. They are very popular since they have become an inspiration for millions of people, besides, some others feel identified themselves with some characters. But soap ooperas had their beginnings on the radio, people couls liste nt o their favorite characters and vibe with the most amazing and thrilling sounds.

One of the mos interesting concepts about radio sopa operas is that they allow the listeners to have fly the imagination, that is to say the characters and producers have to be more creative to keep the reality environment with the sounds and voices. Soap operas become, then, in an important resource of the oral production of a language.

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Lengua Extranjera - Inglés


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You are going to create a radio soap opera episode. You are going to work in groups of trhee, to select a topic and develop your soap opera episode. By the end, you have to record your soap opera with the different sounds and effects as well as a set of images that help to develop the story.

All this will be developed in a power point format, in which you will include the voices, sounds and images.


First Section:

For the first section you have to investigate on the concept of soap opera. You are going to work in pairs. The task is simple, you are going to find out the concepts on sopa opera and go through different American radio soap operas through history, select one and:

  1. Read the sintesys of the soap opera.
  2. Go through all the related links to know more about it.
  3. Select one of the current soap operas on T.V and compare them.
  4. Think of the evolution of them and write some characteristica thay had in the past and some characteristics thay have nowadays. Use the next chart:



 Soap opera:

Soap Opera:












  • Internet Browser
  • Multimedia presenter
  • Programas de grabacion de audio o equipos como mp3, 4, etc...
  • Windows Media Device







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