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The population of a certain places is the amount of people living in it at a certain time.  People can be classified in different groups, for example, according to their age they belong to an age group, if they are working or not,  if they are moving in a city or moving out, etc.  

The study of the population of a certain place helps  people understand the needs of this place. This is useful for marketing,  bussiness, or for goverment planning.  It also helps you decide which place do you want to visit or where do you want to move to live or to study.

Area y Asignatura

Lengua Extranjera - Inglés


  • Entre 9-10 años
  • Entre 11-12 años
  • Entre 13-14 años


  • Auto Aplicaciones
  • Bases de datos
  • Blogs
  • Códigos QR
  • Diagramas de flujo - proceso


.What do you think about Los Angeles ? Is this a good place for you to live? Will you find a lot of people your age ? Are there many amusement parks? Which type of geography does it have? What is the weather like there?  Which are the main touristic places?

Research about this in the web. Make a paragraph answering these questions.  Include pictures of it and a map. Use word.


  1. .Geography  
    1. Locate  California  in the world. Use google maps.  Copy paste on word.
    2. Locate Los Angeles in California. Use google maps. Copy paste on word
    3. Research about its  geography . Use  Wikipedia.  copy paste information.
  2. Population
    1. Reasearch about the population of LA.
  3. Illustrate
    1. Use google   -  images to find pictures  to illustrate your work.  Copy paste.



El trabajo debe incluir TODOS los punto mencionados. 

Debe entregarse antes del fin de mes.

La portada debe contener: nombre completo , grupo, número de lista.





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