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History 1


 First RomanTriumvirate.
It was a a complete fight in search of power. Three men ruled at the same time. Only one ruled at the end.

Area y Asignatura

Lengua Extranjera - Inglés


  • Entre 9-10 años
  • Entre 11-12 años
  • Entre 13-14 años


  • Auto Aplicaciones
  • Calendarios


Look for the main characters in this exciting period of Roman History. Elaborate a mind map to trace main events. Analyze its causes end effects. 


Activity one: Search on the web information about the First Triumvirate.
Activity two: Summarize the information.
Activity three: Analyze the information and then elaborate a diagram to categorize the information including names, dates, and main events.
Note. Use word smart art to elaborate your diagram. Then send it to the teacher to the following adress: ruberistain3@hoymail.com


Go to historychanel.com to look for information.

Use Word (Smart Art) to elaborate your diagrams


As your bimonthly project, this task will be 15% of your final grade.
-Individualy made
-Sent to Teacher by mail.
-Grammar and spelling should be checked before submit the task.
-Creativity in the elaboration of diagram will be graded.
-Last day to submit: April 4,2013. 




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