The incredible world of the Music to learn English.



Helps with the wondurful world of the music and using with a resources to learning English in focus in the constructivism style. And with this style er can do that all students and they try to identify the  constructivism style like a model to work in this nwe age of technology.


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Using the lyrics of the song, learning the use of different verbs and practice its pronunciation and the time of the verbs.Searching in the web the different sites that can help to lyrics that we use, but in groups( five members) present a list of verbs using in the song and their pronunciation. Search at list five songs for each group. And show a power point presentation with the songs.( they should work in group of five).

                when you chose the songs, take one of them and in a power pointo presentation, show the verbs of the song and pronunciation of it,.



Each groups will have 5 minutes or less to do the power presentation, they need to express in clearly way how many verbs and its pronunciation, they play the song once to their partners listen the song and then compare the pronunciation of the group. 

At the end they can do questions to the other partner about their presentation.




., AZ lyrics,,,,, You can search other resources in other site: be creative.

Bring a stereo to listening to music 




Achivietments indicators: that the student at the end of the homework is alvailable to:

Know different verbs

Speak correctly the verbs

Written verbs in different tense

Use of the  technology




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