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Technical English II


The student will learn what architecture is, the most known architectural styles there has been through history in different parts of the world.

the great pyramids

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doric columnsin company of your three best classmates you will develop a presentation for your group about architecture, what it is, what an architect does, and the different kinds of design activities there are. also you will learn and expose to your classmates some of the different architectonic styles that some cultures have developed throughout history.


In teams of four students:
To begin with you will answer a basic questionnaire about the points you will have to cover.

1.       What is architecture?

2.       What is the main difference between an architect and an engineer?

3.       What are architects driven by?

4.       What are the 2 components of a total built environment?

5.       Can you name an example of the micro level of architecture?

6.       Name three types of columns found in Greek architecture.

7.       This building is the best example of gothic architecture.

8.       It was built for the Paris world fair in 1889.

9.       Where can you find the pyramid of Sun and the moon.


To continue you will investigate basic elements of architecture in several cultures such as Greek, Egyptian, Mesopotamic, and Roman.

You will list three basic elements of each culture and will add images to illustrate them.

Finally using these elements you will produce a Power point presentation that will support  you during your oral presentation for the rest of the group.



Accuracy of information in the Power point presentation       20%

Use of corresponding images                                           20%

Order and Punctuality                                                      20%

Fluency on oral presentation                                             40 %

Total                                                                             100 %               




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