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Icesi / English Level Ii / Module 1/Mauricio Diaz R.


The Talk show Proyect is a communicative task which will challenge the students to  use their knowledge in comparing famous characters and debate about which artist, singer, actor, actress, sportsperson is better than the other in a certain field.

At the end of the task students will be asked to vote for their favorites in terms of  who was able  to convince  the class using appropriate comparatives and superlatives and relevant and compelling information. The core of the activity will be done using the style of a talk show in which two random picked students will defend their points of views, the activity will be developed in two sessions.

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At the end of this task based project. Students of the first moudule of level two will be able to: 

  • Interact with someone and be accurate when asking and responding about someones given life , accomplishments, physical charactyeristics and talents. 
  • recognize relevant information that describes important characteristics of someone´lives. 
  •            Understand important aspects that define the accomplishments of someone famous and the ups and downs of a famous person in his or her life.
  •           be more effective in using Comparatives and superlatives in the context of a one to one debate of ideas. 
  • feel more confident at the moment of expressing personal points of views with basic information.



Students need to count with a wide range repertoire in adjectives and vocabulary related to physical and personality traits, need to be accurate in the use of verb to be and its affirmative and negative forms, they also need to be effective in the conjugation of of there verbs such as : to have, play, act, sing, perform, live etc.

Students need to count with a basic engine  information search, and laptops and celphones.



Actividad 1

students will work in couples and will select a famous character each ( scientist, artist, sportsperson etc)  they   students will later research about this persons , life and will find info in class to be selected and adapted.

students will initially brain storm some possible questions they as followers  might ask this famous character, each couple will have to come up with at least 20 questions, later students will find the best characteristic of their own characters to impress their classmates. 

which will include the following topics:  ( basic personal information, personal  life, career and professional life, accomplishments, setbacks and plans)

The teacher will guide and make some corrections and will remember some basic grammar contents in terms of making questions and responds correctly

the teacher will present a video in which Shakira and later will show another video of Jennifer Lopez and students will express their opinions and contradict others as a warm up for their own battle. 

Actividad 2

Once the teacher considers students are ready , he will call up random names to battle up in the show to demostrate with claear information why his or her character is the best of all. students will have 2 minutes to justify it.

Actividades Docente

The teacher will guide and make some corrections and will remember some basic grammar contents in terms of making questions and responds correctly

the teacher will present a video in which Shakira is being interview looking for the students comprehension of what is expected form them as a final project.

The teacher wil play the role of the talk show host or moderator.

at the end of the activity the teacher wil encourage the students to be fair and select the best presenters and their best characters.

Actividades Estudiante

Students will use their previous research on the character and the questions to present information of his or her famous character, presenting intereting facts and full description to dazzle the crowd and convince evryone he or she has the best character of all in a  talk show Oprah Style . 

Other students wil rebut or contradict the information, looking for his/ her character to be the best.  





Levels of Performance






1. Organization and Clarity

viewpoints and responses are outlined both clearly and orderly.

Unclear in most parts

Clear in some parts but not over all

Mostly clear and orderly in all parts

Completely clear and orderly presentation

2. Use of Arguments: 

Appropiate reserach, reasons are given to support viewpoint.

Few or no relevant reasons given , poor research

Some relevant reasons given, not enough research

Many reasons given: fairly relevant, good research

Most relevant reasons given in support, very good research.

3. Use of Examples and Facts: 

examples and facts are given to support reasons, with references, use of comparatives and superlatives.

Few or no relevant supporting examples/facts

poor use of comparatives and superlatives.

Some relevant examples/facts given

some use of comparatives and superlatives.

Many examples/facts given: fairly relevant

good use of comparatives and superlatives.

Most relevant supporting examples and facts given

very good use of comparatives and superlatives.

4. Use of Rebuttal: 

arguments made by the other teams are responded to and dealt with effectively.

No effective counter-arguments made

Few effective counter-argumentsmade

Some effective counter-arguments made

Many effective counter-arguments made

5. Presentation Style: 

tone of voice, use of gestures, and level of enthusiasm are convincing to audience.

Few style features were used; not convincingly

Few style features were used but they were used convincingly

All style features were used, most convincingly

All style features were used convincingly


  Total: ______          Score = Total x 5 = ________


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