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Through this project, the students integrate their writing, reading, research, grammar and vocabulary skills in a single final result that is a brochure that presents a place in their city.

With paragraph-by-paragraph writing, students learn to develop an article and use the vocabulary in context while making evident the grammatical theme have learnt.

With the reading of the finished articles and an additional activity to check the effectiveness of the reading, the students learn to focus their attention on the important points of each article, since they have done something similar.

With the surveys, they are forced to practice their English with other people and to take it out of classrooms.

With the brochure, they condense all what they have learnt into a product.

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Procesadores de texto



To produce a brochure about a place in Cali


Specific objectives:

To write an article that includes all the grammar topics

To practice a few reading strategies

To talk with other English learners about some famous places in Cali

To carry out a show case

To evaluate your learning with your classmates



Students must know the vocabulary of travel and transport. 

Students must visit the places they chose to do the brochure 


Actividad 3 and 4:

3.A. Explaining Present Continous and Be going to 

3.B. Writing a new paragraph comparing different topics of their places such as restaurants in the place, transportation, similar places in Cali, etc.

Actividad 5:

5.A. Explaining the Modal Can and the modal like Have To

5.B. Writing a paragraph telling what to do and not to do in their places

Actividad 6:

6.A. Preparing questionnaires for the polls

6.B. Interviewing other learners

6.C. Summarizing the information

Actividad 7:

7.A. Producing the brochures as homework


Actividad 2:

2.A. Explaining the uses of the articles A-AN-THE-No article

2.B. Identifying means of Transportation

2.C. Explaining how to write an article: Main idea – Supporting ideas – Conclusion

2.D. Homework: Have teams correct the first paragraph focusing on the uses of the articles and to write another one telling how to get to the chosen places. They should include maps giving directions.

Actividad 1:

1.A. Vocabulary in context: Have students understand the vocabulary given in units 7 and 9 from the book Speak Out 1

1.B. Choosing a place in Cali: Have teams select a famous place in Cali to speak about it the following classes

1.B. Explaining the steps to write a paragraph: make teams write a description of the chosen place while using the just learned vocabulary

1.C. Homework: Bring a description with photos, things to do, transportation, adjectives

Actividad 8:

8.A. Show case: Have teams present their tasks

8.B. Feedback:

Have the other teams ask questions about the brochures

The teacher grades the task

Actividades Docente

The teacher explains the main topic in each session as usual; then reminds students what to take in account when they write a paragraph and lets them work by themselves.

The student-centered strategy is important to make them produce and feel confident to ask the teacher whatever they want to clarify.

Actividades Estudiante

Students use all the topics in context while producing the texts

They search about something that is familiar to them

They recreate their articles while producing a brochure

They apply all the skills during the process 


Writing task 


Reading task – in groups






 Oral presentation



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