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WebQuest: Snap!

Raquel Muñoz
Costa Rica -
Escuela Bilingue


Lengua Extranjera - Inglés





Each story has something amazing to discover when reading. Can you identify them?

Character: Is the person, animal or object which represents the story.

Setting: Is the place where the story is developed.

Plot: Is the moral of the story.






Oral Task

Look at the picture and mention what you see from it. Share your ideas to your teacher and classmates.

You can use high frequency words, objects of the house and colors.

After that, all the students with the teacher are going to create a brainstorm of ideas mentioned using draewings. ( Newsprints)








After we created the brainstorm of ideas using drawings, students will follow the following steps:

  1. Look at the pictures related to the reading: Snap!
  2. Raise your hand and answer: Who is in the picture? What do you see from the picture?
  3. Finally, you are going to follow the reading from page 44. You already know the words in yellow (High frequency words), so try to read them and enjoy this activity!





For this part, the teacher is going to give an envelope with some images. You have to identify the characters and the setting of the story. Choose between the options given. Then, your teacher will listen the plot mention by the students.


Pictures for the evaluation:

Which are the characters of the reading?

Resultado de imagen para a dog and a boy for coloring Option 1: a dog and a boy.                                     Option 2: a lion and a mouse.                                          



In a summary, students are using high frequency words, colors, objects of the house and a lot of words developed in class when speaking English.

It is important to continue refreshing the topics at home to reinforce the speaking and listening skills in first graders.




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