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Art Fair 2011-2012 El Roble


Development of the four skills

( Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking )

Introduction of the students into the different art styles.

First Graders chose Cubism

Area y Asignatura

Lengua Extranjera - Inglés


  • No hay restriccion de edad


  • Audio
  • Auto Aplicaciones
  • Bases de datos
  • Blogs
  • Calendarios
  • Cómics
  • Diagramas causa efecto
  • Diagramas de flujo - proceso
  • Encuestas
  • Escritura colaborativa
  • Herramientas: tomar apuntes en clase
  • Hojas de cálculo
  • Infografías


Is everything that you draw art?

Students will be able to talk about different artists , placing them in specific art styles, as well as creating their own art work.

Students will be able to speak fluently and accurately about their research and explain the technique of the art work.

Students will able to research developing the reading and listening skills learned during the first 2 bimesters, being able to summarize and generalize.

Students will be able to give their presentation orally, giving facts and opinions related to their art piece.



Students will research from books, internet, museums, art class.

http://www.louvre.fr/llv/musee/visite_virtuelle.jsp?bmLocale=en ( VISITA virtual al Museo de Louvre)

http://www.arteespana.com/cubismo.htm ( el cubismo)

http://library.thinkquest.org/J002045F/art_styles.htm ( different art styles)

http://www.theartwolf.com/articles/most-important-painters.htm ( 101 famous painters of all times)

Museo Soumayahttp://www.soumaya.com.mx/



Students  will choose an artist and research about the artists´s background, techniques used in this specific style.

Students will compare with other artists belonging to the same style.

The stands will contain the artist´s photograph, 2 art pieces  and the information,  and time line.

Part of students' work will be inside the stands and some will be displayed elsewhere (spot will be decided later).

We will create a mural to be placed in the middle of the Art Fair where each group will have a chance to create an expression of the art they chose


Development of the four skills

( Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking )

Introduction of the students into the different art styles.

First Graders chose Cubism


Actividades Docente

Teacher will present the Big Question.

Teacher will introduce  students to different art styles by presenting pictures.

Guide students to choose one art style.

Students start  their research using different sources. ( students should bring information and at least one painting  of that specific artist)

Teacher must have backup artists to present to students.

Teacher divides group into teams and guides them to choose one specific artist to do their research on.

Work with the art teacher so students can create their own art piece.


Actividades Estudiante

Students will have the introduction to the project at the multimedia classroom with a virtual visit to the Louvre and MoMa Museums.

Then students will talk about the different art styles  the saw at the museums.

Students will research  about an specific art style decided with the teacher.

Students will research about the remarkable painters of the chosen style.

Students will be now divided in teams  and they will choose one painter and they will rearch about his/ her art.

Students will choose an art peice from the researched artist and they will create their own based on it.

Students will do their presentation at the School´s Art Fair, presentinh and art show and oral speeches to present their artist and they´ll give arguments  to support their election.


For each subject a check list will be created  and a rubric that icludes all the skills seen throughout the previous bimesters. 

Using the writing process ss will write a biography about the artist which will be graded according to a specific rubric.

In Oral Expression we will check voice, intonation, pronunciation, presentation, poise, knowledge of the subject and vocabulary.




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