Icesi - Level 5 - Extensive Reading project


This is a project that helps students develop reading comprehension skills. The idea is that the whole class reads a book, or several, throughout the course. Since books have vocabulary and expressions that students cannot understand, the idea is that students and teachers read the book in Google docs (or another cloud), and that they scaffold the book together. The teacher may introduce pictures, translations of expressions, explanations, comments in the shared file, to clarify vocabulary, explain expressions, etc. so that all the students can read them. In this way, reading becomes easier for the students. It is recommended that the teacher scaffolds the first chapter or chapters (depending on the lenght of the book) and then, the teacher should assign the responsibility of the scaffolding to the students. At the end, the book or story will be full of pictures and comments and it will be more accessible to students.


To promote reading comprehension skills through extensive reading.

To learn how to use the dictionary to find unkown vocabulary.

To promote cooperative learning.


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These are four texts that can be worked with intermediate students and up. It can be uploaded in google drive as a google doc so students can edit them and introduce pictures and comments to clarify parts of the texts and scaffold the material.


The teachers needs to find the material according to the students' level and interest.

Students and teacher should share a space in a "cloud" (Google drive, Dropbox, etc.).

Students should have access to internet and device (it can be done using a cellphone, tablet, or computer).

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For each book teacher should design the worksheets that will assess students' reading comprehension.

The product of the project is the scaffolded book that has been worked on cooperatively. Students and teachers will see the transformation of the book.



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