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Dictionaries Skills for Secondary Students


In this fun and enaging lesson plan for teenage students, you will find a quiz to help your learners develop their reading and dictionary skills, as well as a series of enjoyable and challenging tasks designed to promote group work and learner autonomy.

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  • To develop students’ dictionary skills
  • To raise students’ awareness of the information they can find in a dictionary
  • To develop students’ skills of prediction when they come across new vocabulary
  • To encourage group collaboration in project work
  • To promote creativity.



  1. Class dictionaries or online dictionary. Cambridge and Macmillan both have online dictionaries:http://dictionary.cambridge.org/dictionary/british/ and http://www.macmillandictionary.com/
  2. Dictionary quiz
  3. Reading comprehension skills. Skimming and scanning
  4. ?Computer use
  5. Internet search
  6. Dictionary quiz template
  7. Appendix A (text)


Discussion in groups

​• How often do you use a dictionary when you are learning English?

• What kind of dictionary do you use? 

• What kind of information can you find in a monolingual English dictionary?​

Dictionary Quiz

Check Answers

  • Check students' answers orally and make them compair their answers with the other groups

​​Make a New Dictionary Quiz

  • Students receive a copy of a dictionary quiz template
  • Students will have to make a new dictionary quiz. They will have to take into account these tips
    ​• Write the questions in rough before transferring them to the quiz sheet.
    • Keep a record of answers.



Sesión: 1 (una) Duración: 60 minutos

Actividades Docente

  • Organize the class into small groups
  • ​Motivate oral participation
  • Sharing of ideas
  • Explain the students the dictionary quiz and give them a copy
  • Monitor the students
  • Check the students answers
  • Keep a record of answers


Actividades Estudiante

  1. Share ideas and discuss
  2. Students use dictionary apps, online dictionaries, monolingual or bilingual dictionaries.
  3. They work together on a dictionary quiz and answer all the question
  4. They accees a link for activity 8
  5. Students compare their answers orally
  6. Students create their own dictionary quiz for their colleagues.



· Global Comprehension: students must be able to look for specific information and concrete details, different types of oral and written activities.

Understand the general meaning of a text, even if the students do not know the meaning of every word.

· Production of Oral and Written Messages: the students will be tested on their ability to express orally with fluency and accuracy representing everyday situations with the vocabulary learned in this project.

They will also be tested on using correct spelling.

· Pronunciation: students must be able to use the language appropriately, reproducing English sounds.

· Vocabulary Assimilation: students will be tested on their ability to comprehend and use the lexis properly which is one of the aims of this project..

· Cooperative and Individual Work: students will be tested on their behavior, both in individual and cooperative tasks (whether they participate in group activity in a constructivist way).

· Interest for Other Cultures: students are hoped to manifest ambiguity tolerance towards the English culture.

· Creativity: students will be tested on their ability to produce a creative dictionary quiz..


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Proyecto creado por Andrea Isijara - utilizando a eduteka.org

Fecha de publicación: 2016-04-30
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