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My Fovourite Band or Singer


Young people loves music. Some of them love regueton, some love rock, others love salsa and other ones vallenato.  No matters the kind of music they love to they want everybody listen and enjoy that music as they do.  This project offers the chance to young people of share their likes about music with the other ones.  They will use a poster and an oral presentation to do it.

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1. Work in groups.

2. Practice the use of WH-Questions.

3. Practice the past of To Be.

4. Practice the Simple Present.

5. Practice the Simple Past.

6. Practice the Wh-Questions

7. Learn new vocabulary related to music, singers and bands.







In order to accomplish with the project, students must present a poster as big as you need with the following information:

1. Name of the singer or band.

2. Date of birth.

3. A short resume about the singer or band in 100 words.

4. The most popular albums and songs(5).

5. A list of the most important facts about the singer or band (5).

6. Part of the lyrics of your favorite song and tell why you like that song.

7. Vocabulary related to music.

8. Pictures or drawings related to the singer or band






The objective of this activity is to conect the students with the topic.

The objective of this activity is to know new words about music, bands and singers.

In this activity students use their time at home to see the resources of the project and practice with the infromation provided by the web pages in the links.

To practice the use of the Wh-Questions.

To practice the use of the Simple Present Tense.

To practice the use of the Simple Past Tense

To show an example of the biography of a famous singer.

To conect and put all information together through a sketch.

To prepare the final oral presentation.

To prepare the final presentations and posters.

To present the final work


One hour One hour As long as they need. Two hours Two hours Two hours One hour One hour One hour As long as the students need at home to finish their posters and oral presentations. Two hours

Actividades Docente

Ask questions about their favourite music, singers or bands and play parts of the songs.

1. Do you like music?

2. What music do you like?

3. What´s your favorite group or artist?

4. Why do you like it?

5. What are de members of the group?

6. What is/are the best songs?

7. Have you ever gone to a concert?

8. Have you ever met the artist? 

Brings dictionaries to the classroom and helps students to look for the words they choose.  The teacher uses his internet conection to help students.

Provides the links to the web pages

Explains and makes exercises about the use of the WH-Questions. 

Explains and makes exercises about the use of  the Simple Present Tense.

Presents and makes exercises about hte use of the Simple Past.

Shows a biography from internet about a famous singer

Helps students with their sketches and corrects posible mistakes with them.

Helps and correct posible mistakes of the oral presentations

Attends the presentations and takes notes to qualify the performances of the students.

Actividades Estudiante

Answer the questions about their artists.

Look for the translation of a list of 50 words related to music, bands and singers.

See and practice at home as long as needed.

Attend and participate in the class.

Atrend and participate in the class.

Attend and participate in the class.

Attend and participate in the class with their questions about the presentation.

In this activity students make a sketch about their posters

Prepare their final oral presentations.

Make the final posters and practice their oral presentations at home.

Make their presentations according with the rubrics.





Proyecto creado por Wilson Valencia - utilizando a eduteka.org

Fecha de publicación: 2013-08-20
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