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Football Suppoters


With this project students will have a new vision about being the supporter of a football team.  Colombian people is always interested in football as many of the Latin American countries, but sometimes this becomes a huge trouble due to the fanatism some people shows about some football teams.  Through this project students will make a list of things they won´t do as football supporters and will learn to be good fans without hurting anyone else.

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Lengua Extranjera - Inglés


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1. Students use the auxiliary “will” for making future sentences properly.

2. Students use the modal verb "should and shouldn´t" to give advice.

3. Students learn new vocabulary related to football and supporters.

4. Students will describe good actions a supporter can do for his/her favorite football team.

5. Students learn to work in groups

6. Students promote good behavior towards other football supporters.


In order to accomplish with the objectives of the project, the groups of students should make a  brochure, poster or slides with:

  • A list of 50 words related to football with its translation in English
  • 15 statements about what He/She will do to be a good supporter included in the writing for your presentation.
  • 15 advices he/she would give people to be a good supporter included in the writing for your presentation.
  • A short resume in 100 words about his/her team.
  • The symbols of the team (t-shirt, flag and crest)
  • A list of  5 of the best players of the team with their biographies
  • ?Pictures or drawings of the team, players or symbols to complement your presentation.
  • An oral presentation of 3 minutes per student including vocabulary and sentences with Will, Won´t, Should, Shouldn´t.


The porpose of this activity is to conect to students with the topic we are going to develop by making an introduction to the theme of the football supporters in Colombia and the violence that some of them bring to the stadiums.

1. Introduction

2. Videos

3. Questions

a. Do you like football?

b. What´s your favorite fooball team?

c. Why do you like that team?

d. Do you know the history of your favorite team?

e. Which ones are the best players of your team?

f. Do you go to stadiums? Why?

g. Why do you think some supporters bring violence to stadiums?

4. MakingTeams to work

5. Chosing teams to work with 


In this activity students decide the option to make the presentation, look for the vocabulary they need to develop the project because it is one of the most difficult activities for them.  From the vocabulary they found, they have a base to begin the work. 

The objective of this activity is to conect students with the grammar points of the project so they study and comprehend the grammar rules when using "Will" and Modal Verb "Should/Should´t". Students work at home and see the resourses of the project to accomplish the activity. 

This activity is for clarifying student´s doubts about the use of "Will" after autonomous work.  It is important they understand the topic as clear as posible in order to use language properly with their projects.

This activity is for clarifying student´s doubts about the use of "Should and Shouldn´t" after autonomous work.  It is important they understand the topic as clear as posible in order to use language properly with their projects.

This activity is for making a sketch of the final presentation.  The activity is used to diagram the final products they are going to use for their final presentations.

This activity is for preparing the final oral presentations. The students write a sketch of the oral presentation and make the corrections for it.

The begining of the final presentation 

Final oral presentations 

Final oral presentations


This activity lasts 45:00 minutes This activity lasts one hour. This activity lasts as much time as they need to work at home. This activity lasts one hour. This activity lasts one hour The activity lasts one hour The activity lasts one hour It lasts one hour One hour One hour

Actividades Docente

1. Making explanation

2. Play the videos

3. Ask questions

4. Select the teams to work

5. Elicit students to choose a team

The teacher introduces the activity to students, bring dictionaries to the classroom and and elicit students to say and find words they are going to need for their work. The teacher also uses internet conection to help students to look for words.

In this activity the teacher will add the necessary information as resourses for students.

The teacher prepares a class in order to clarify student´s doubts about using "Will".  The teacher makes some activities to practice the topic.

The teacher prepares a class in order to clarify student´s doubts about using "Should and Shouldn´t".  The teacher makes some activities to practice the topic.

The teacher helps and advices the students to diagram the final products

The teacher will help students to write the sketch and correct the most important mistakes they make in order to improve the final oral presentation.

The teacher watches and analyzes the presentations for grading them.

Actividades Estudiante

1. What the videos

2. Answer the questions

3. Join a group

4. Choose a football taem


In this activity students say and look for words in the dictionary.

Students do autnomous work at home and solve the on line activities in order to practice and comprehend the topics.

Students asist and participate in the activities of the class.

Students asist and participate in the activities for the class.

Students use time to make a sketch of their final products in other to have an idea about what they will do at the end.

Students write and correct the sketch for the final oral presentation.

Students make the final oral presentations as well as posible.






Acknowledgements to:

Taylor Ramsey for her ideas about PBL

Universidad Nacional Sede Caribe, San Andres Islas


Proyecto creado por Wilson Valencia - utilizando a eduteka.org

Fecha de publicación: 2013-07-30
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