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Areas of plane figures


The geometry of space, extends and strengthens the propositions of plane geometry, is the fundamental basis of spherical trigonometry, analytic geometry of space and other branches of mathematics. In itself, it is the branch of geometry that deals with the properties of geometric figures and measurements in three-dimensional space.

This webquest allows us to know, analyze and develop exercises for areas of plane figures, through technological tools with which students can interact and make a feedback of foreground.

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Matemáticas - Geometría


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For identifying shapes and find the area of each one of these is necessary:

1. Be assigned a team of students seies, there will be three groups: Group A: quadrilaterals, Group B and Group C triangles: other fuguras flat.

2. Once you've chosen a role, you must use Internet resources to collect data on areas of plane figures.

3. Finally the groups will share their companions gathered information.


First the student see a video related to the topic of areas of plane figures

Then each group develops research tasks according to the topic indicated


Grup A: Quadrilaterals






Analyzes and calculates the area of any plane figure




Solve exercises that test mental agility in solving regular polyhedra




Use the formulas needed to find the area of each proposed situation of plane figures




Use the formulas needed to find the area of each Proposed situation of plane figures








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Fecha de publicación: 2012-11-03 00:00:00
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