Career change cover letter

In the past few years, a career change cover letter has become a must-have for employment. Some HRs won't even open a job seeker's resume if they haven't written a cover letter. In this regard, employment specialists advise you always to submit such a letter, even if this requirement is not spelled out in the vacancy. This is an excellent way to draw attention to your resume, complement your professional image, and stand out from other candidates.

Why write to an employer, and what is a cover letter?

A cover letter is a small piece of text that a job seeker sends along with a resume by email. It takes less than half of A4. Typically, the letter is not sent as a separate file attachment but is the email's body. If you send your resume through the job portal, then, as a rule, you are provided with a letterhead.

The candidate must briefly talk about himself, his experience, and professional skills in the cover letter and explain why he/she wants to work in the company to send his resume.

Who should write a letter to the employer?

In general, everyone should write a cover letter for a resume

But its presence is significant in three cases:

  • if a student or recent university graduate sends the resume without work experience.

As a rule, such applicants have nothing to boast about in their resume, so a letter is a great way to show your desire to work and gain experience, tell more about yourself than your resume allows.

  • if the applicant changes the field of activity and sends a resume to a position, he/she clearly does not have enough experience.

In this case, the letter is an opportunity to show your motivation, tell why you want to change the field, and what experience/knowledge you already have to work in a new profession.

  • if a person applies for a particular position in a large international company.

HRs in such companies pay attention to how the candidate presents himself. 

There is no standard template for a cover letter, but you can see examples on the Internet. What to write in your cover letter? The main thing is that in the text, you answer three basic questions. First, who are you? Second, why do companies need you? And third - why do you need this company?

Keep in mind that a good cover letter is not a simplified copy of your resume. It is more personal and allows you to reveal the nuances you might not have shown on your resume. With it, you can draw your employer's special attention to your greatest strengths. It also gives the employer an extra chance to convince the employer that you are the ideal candidate, even if you lack experience or qualifications. You should show your interest, activity, and desire to work for the company in a perfect cover letter.

We've put together some tips to help you enhance your cover letter, cut it like a diamond. With their help, turn a simple set of words into a powerful projectile with targeted action.

  1. Don't repeat what is already on your resume in your cover letter. There is no point in reading the same information twice to an HR.
  2. Write only what is relevant to the case, the position you want to take.
  3. Don't ask about work schedule, bonuses, conditions. It is customary to discuss such details in person and not in correspondence.
  4. Do not give information that would show that you are in a difficult situation and flattered by despair.
  5. Don't try to find the perfect cover letter and rewrite it for yourself. This does not work!
  6. Be friendly, polite, and considerate; write lively and (highly desirable) from the heart.
  7. Talk about the future. If the resume is an objective fixation of the past, then the cover letter is focused on the future.

A cover letter is the type of content that will best show the applicant's HR the soul.

Take it seriously because your career may depend on a career change cover letter. And this is a lot.

Especially now, in 2021, when the world is changing literally before our eyes.

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