Unit 6 Weeks 1 & 2 5th A Class


In the currect week of May 18 to 22, students will continue with the readings of week 1 (Monday to Wednesday) and will begin with the content for week 2, vocabulary and grammar (Wednesday to Friday). The aim for this week is to connect the story of week 1 with the topic of Unit 6, the Unexpected, and how to deal, learn or get experience from the encounter with something different. 


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During the sessions.

Monday the 18th, Students will read the stories that prepare them for the Story of the week in Pearson. T will play the story of the week (1st read).

Tuesday the 19th, Students will read the Story The Truth about Austin's Amazing Bats in Pearson (2nd read). Focus on drawing conclusions and get the important ideas.

Wednesday the 20th, Students will read the Paired Selection as well as the brief story in Sleuth. Focus in Accuracy.

Thursday, 21st, Students need to do the assignments in Pearson Unit 6 Week 2 day 1 and 2. Focus in language, vocabulary, amazing, spelling and challenge words.

Friday, the 22nd. Students will watch a video in Pearson Realize, play Kahoot about Conjunctions, and answer pp. 399 & 406 in the workbook.


In the first session of Monday we're going to review the vocabulary, amazing, spelling and challenge words around the story of The Truth about Austin's Amazing Bats. In the 2nd session we are going to read the stories The Mystery of the Monarchs & Ears for Eyes. If there's time we will discuss around the reading strategies that are used in these stories. In the 3rd session we are going to listen to the story of the week.

On Tuesday, we are going to answer a reading comprehension questionnaire and then work in p. 395 of the workbook.

By Wednesday, one session will be to finish reading the paired selection, "The Animal in my Life", which was written by the same author of the main text. Then we'll also listen to the story in Sleuth, "A Matter of Luck". If time allows we'll play Quizlet Live with language from Unit 6 week 2.

On Thursday we are going to practice the vocabulary, amazing, spelling and challenge words in Pearson, Quizlet and the workbook (pp. 398, 400, 405). 

By Friday we will study the grammar lesson of week 2, one theme I've mentioned various times in the past units, including 3 conjunctions we saw in the last test for Unit 5, but now in the full version of the topic. Hopefully we conclude doing pp. 399 & 406 in the workbook.



Google Questionnaire (links in Edmodo, Classdojo)

Pearsonrealize.com and/or Pearson e-text global (Unit 6 weeks 1 & 2)

Quizlet.com & Kahoot.it

Workbook (language and convention pages)

Zoom.us (ID 3302440910) (Password Alfa2020)


.Google Questionnaire

Assignments in Pearson Realize

Questions & Answers in Class

Participation in Quizlet and Kahoot

Weekly test in Pearson (week 1)


.Thank you to:

Colegio Bilingue ALFA

Pearson platform

Formularios de Google


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