FOCUS 2 Class May 11-15


This week students will assess their understanding for the Grammar lesson 7.5 and continue working with the speaking and the writing lessons of this unit. For this we are going to answer a couple of questionnaires in Google, then we are going to read, listen and analyze a dialogue about buying a present and set a claim due to a faulty clothing. Remember that the topic for this unit is shopping, thus we are going to practice English around the themes that are involved in shopping. Students will know that it is not only a trasaction of goods or items with money. We need to know where, how, when and what to buy. We will keep using the book and the portal, without leaving the use of Quizlet and Kahoot aside. 


Lengua Extranjera - Inglés


12-13 / 13-14


  • Sistema Operativo
  • Manejo de teclado
  • Editor vectorial (Flash
  • Svg
  • etc)


Monday, 11th, Answer lesson 7.5 Google questionnaire (link in Edmodo)

Tuesday, 12th, video recording to practice Speaking Focus (assignment in ClassDojo)

Wednesday, 13th, video conference, recorded, to practice Speaking (sent or share to arobles317950@gmail.com)

Thursday, 14th, Lesson 7.7 in myenglishlab 

Friday, 15th, No classes


We are going to answer the exercises of the lessons during the Zoom meeting everyday, then students have to work in the assignments, which will be minimum: if it is in the book, you will send me pics of the work in Edmodo (comments); if it is in myenglishlab I will check your % in the portal. Then, I can also set up personal meetings to help you in case of problems.

Monday the 11th, Activity Book pp. 118-119. T will open the chat for students to interact between them. T will play track 3.24 for Ss to listen the dialogue, compare their predictions from exercise 1. Ss answer exercise 3, 5 & 8 individually, check as a class. Ss work in the assignment as specified.

Tuesday the 12th, Ss do Grammar Quiz type A and B in Edmodo, then go to myenglishlab (exercises 7.6), then T uses Quizlet and Kahoot to practice the vocabulary words and grammar lesson 7.2

Wednesday the 13th, Activity Book pp. 120-121.  Ss read the text, answer the exercises, then check as a class. Ss work in the writing task as specified.

Thursday the 14th, Ss do myenglishlab during the first part of the class (exercises 7.7), then T uses Kahoot and Quizlet for Ss to review the vocabulary and grammar lessons.

Friday the 8th, No classes, Teacher's Day.


Chat by pairs (automatically recorded in Zoom)

Oral presentations (some in live, the rest recorded) 

Qustions and answers in class.


Thanks to Colegio Bilingue ALFA and Pearson for their resources in creating this WebQuest


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