Should I go for an Online Hifz Program?


Should I go for an Online Hifz Program? 

This is one of the most common questions asked by those who want to memorize the Quran. They are concerned about the effectiveness of online Hifz classes, the time it will take, and the method that is followed in these online hifz programs. In the end, they ask whether it’s a good idea to go for an online Hifz program rather than enrolling in traditional face to face memorization classes. My simple answer is a definite yes.

Why is my answer in the affirmative? Let me explain.

First off, the traditional way of learning i.e. learning in a physical learning center is no more viable, especially if you have a tight work or study schedule. Going for online classes saves you a lot of time and hassle.

Second, the limitations in online classes found previously have been addressed to a great extent. Now, these online courses are as effective (if not more) and engaging as the traditional ones. The use of quality screen sharing software with drawing tools has made online learning a preferred choice.

Third, online courses provide unparalleled convenience. What can be more convenient than to be able to learn while sitting in the comfort of your home, without the trouble of going out and encountering hurdles on the way? Some online courses even have recorded videos that you can watch anytime and anywhere you want.

So, in light of the above and many other precious advantages, it is established that going for online classes is always beneficial.

How Does an Online Hifz Program Work?

Now, the question is how does an online Hifz program work, or what is the method that is followed in the online Quran memorization classes?

This varies from academy to academy. One academy may follow a different method than another one. Every academy tries to approach it in a way they think is the most effective. Although they may use a different approach, the basic method is the same. This is explained below.

The tutor recites the verses the student is going to Hifz (memorize) and the student follows. This is to make sure the student recites them properly and correct them if there are any mistakes. To memorize verses, it’s extremely important that the student does not make even a minor mistake, else he will memorize the verses with the wrong pronunciation.

The student then practices the Ayahs (verses) a few times, first from the page and then without looking at the page. Since the class duration is not enough for students to completely Hifz the verses, they are supposed to practice at home.

Before the next class, they are supposed to have memorized them properly. They have to read them out to the tutor so that the tutor can check if there are any mistakes and if they have memorized them the correct way. If everything is OK, the tutor can proceed for the next Ayahs.

To make sure the students don’t forget the previous Ayahs, every Friday or any other week day is dedicated to revision in which all the Ayahs that have been memorized during the week are read by the students.

Remember, for the Hifz course, you need to have a buddy with which you can practice and who can listen to you and correct your mistakes. In online Hifz program, your buddy is your online Quran tutor. You can practice with him/her as much as you want till you master the specific verses.

Practice is the key for Quran memorization. The more you practice, the faster you memorize. Also, you have to be persistent in your memorization efforts. Even after you have memorized the Quran, you have to read it every day no matter how little.

What are the best practices to Hifz the Quran fast?

This is another common question as everybody wants to memorize the Quran in as little time as possible. The truth is, Quran memorization is a long process as you have to memorize 30 Juz or 114 chapters. This takes a minimum of 2 years. There are, however, some best practices that can help you Hifz the Quran fast and with ease. Some of them are the following.

1. Set Goals

Setting goals is important to achieve any milestone. Memorizing the Quran is a challenge that can be made easy by setting up goals. Set a goal for every session. Determine how many Ayahs will you  Hifz in a particular class. This does not have to be too much like an entire Surah. Instead, set realistic and achievable goals and then try to reach that.

2. Practice the Ayahs in Prayers

This is the best way to memorize your daily verses fast. As you have to pray five times a day, you can recite the verses in them. This will not only make your prayers more focused but also reflect on the verses to memorize.

3. Connect the Verses

If you are a native Arab or know the meanings of the Quranic words, you can connect each verse by reflecting on its meaning. Often a group of verses is connected to tell a story or convey a message. You can think about the meaning of every word and verse while reciting. If you don’t know the meanings of the Quran, going for an online Tafseer course will benefit you a lot and go a long way in making your online hifz program a success.



The objective is to give an introduction of an online Hifz program, how does an online Hifz program work, and what are the best practices to make an online Hifz program a success. 


Lenguaje - Lengua Castellana




Sesión 1:

Minimum 2 years


  • Internet - Información
  • Editor vectorial (Flash
  • Svg
  • etc)
  • Compositor de imágenes (Corel Draw
  • etc)


Should be able to read the Quran.

Actividades de Clase


To be able to hifz (memorize) the entire Quran as effectively and in less time as possible. 


Minimum 2 years

Actividad Docente

Teacher activity

Actividad Estudiante

Student activity



Actividad Docente

Actividad Estudiante


We will evaluate every student every month to see the progress an to check how effectively has he/she hifz the Quran. 


Every student has to be fully determined, dedicated, and has a passion to hifz the Quran before opting to go for the online Hifz program.


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