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Listening to the world - Movies special

Stephania Betancourt Castro
Colombia - Bogotá
Universidad Distrital Francisco José de Caldas


Idiomas Extranjeros - Inglés




Listening to the world - movies special, is a virtual learning object in which you will learn and improve your level in the English language. Here you will find different readings, movies, videos and activities that will help you to understand English.


  1. Learn English through movies.
  2. Increase and get new vocabulary.
  3. Improve the listening comprehension in English.
  4. Practice the receptive skills (reading and listening) to enhance your language level.
  5. Reinforce your autonomy in the language learning process.
  6. Apply the acquired knowledge about movies in real life. 



In order to develop this course, you will have to have an internet connection, so you can download the OVA in its ZIP version, and develop the proposed activities.

When you download the file in ZIP, open it and go to the file named "index", after you are there click the file and start developing the topics and activities.

Enlace de Interés


For this course you have to have at least an intermadiate level in the English langauge, that because you will have to read, write, listen an create things in this language, and in order for you to understand, you need to have a basic knowledge.


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Actividades de Clase






Stephania Betancourt Castro del Proyecto creado 10 de Diciembre del 2016 -

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