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Versión Estudiante

English vocabulary for spanish speakers in level a2

Linda Yeercy Diaz Mejia
Colombia - Bogotá
Universidad Distrital Francisco José de Caldas


Idiomas Extranjeros - Inglés




In this OVA the learner is going to find content of english vocabulary for sapanish learners in level a2, topics like the natural world, weather, work and jobs and travel and transport the learner is going to learn through relations between pictures and vocabulary, also the learner can play some fun activities, games and quizes to reinforce the learning.

The ova is divided in some parts:

?1. introduction of the course.

2. about the ova that contain memory tips, some information about the resorce.

?3. four modules that are the content of the ova divided into: the natural world, weathe, work and jobs and travel and transport.

each module contain two activities, online games and a final quiz.

4. at the end of the course is a self-evaluation to evaluate yourself.

5. a part about the author and another to the references.


The purpose of this OVA is: 

Learning new vocabulary for improvement in level a2 in english

Improve your capacity of memorizing new words.

Encorage the practice of your self-learning.

Implement new ways of learning.

Put into practice new vocabulary.

Reach to level a2 in spanish speakers.




To access to the OVA, please follow the next steps:

1. Click on the interest link and download the file (.zip).
2. Open it and search the file called index.
3. And open the file index and start the course.


Enlace de Interés


It is necessary to have at least level a1 to practice this ova.


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Actividades de Clase


In every module is a quiz, the ova contain four modules.

At the end of the ova it a self-evaluation with some critical answers about your learning and the student have to share it on a forum.


Universidad francisco josé de caldas

Facultad de ciencias y educación

Licenciatura en educación básica con énfasis en ingles

Subject: Educación en tecnologia

Pedagogical Revisión Role - Deissy Paola Mora



Linda Yeercy Diaz Mejia del Proyecto creado 09 de Diciembre del 2016 -

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