Classification of Verbs in English Language


Now that you are able to conversate in English, we have to work on your grammar to improve your writing skills. As a beginning we will learn about regular and irregular verbs.

To have a better idea of regular and irregular verbs we will learn what is an infinitive.
Infinitive:  This is the original form of teh verb. The form that is presented when you speak in present tense. Example:
Laugh   -     Cry   -   Learn  -  
To show that is the infinitive form you have to add "to" in the beginning. 
To laugh-   To cry  -  To learn
Regular Verbs: These are the verbs that when you are talking in past tense just add "ed" at the end and automatically you said it in past tense. Example: 
I play soccer.
I Played soccer. 
Irregular Verbs:  These are the verbs that when you are talking in past tense change their infinitive form and are written in other ways. Example:
I tell the truth.
I told the truth.  


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As a first homework, after reading the introduction, investigate in a webster dictionary the infinitive form of the following verbs and color them on yellow if they are regular and on orange if they are irregular.



  • Take your webster dictionary and look on the last pages the list of regular and irregular verbs that it has.
  • Check on the past tense list to find the verbs that were sent to you in the homework.
  • On the left side of the list you will find the infinitive form of the verb.  Write it on the right side of the verbs on the homework. 
  • Compare both forms of the verb to check on the changes and identify if they belong to regular or irregular verb clasiffication.
  • Color the verbs depending on their classification belonging and present it to your teacher. 


.Get ready for the quiz. 

The quiz will give you 0 to  10 points of the final grade depending on your right answers and procedures. 
To get ready for it work on the following activities: 
Write in english the following sentences. 
Yo te amo con todo mi corazón
Yo te amaba con todo mi corazón
Yo trabajo en la escuela.
Yo trabajaba en la escuela.
Yo quiero tener una casa bonita.
Yo quería tener una casa bonita.
- Now write a ten lines paragraph about something curious that you had to deal with five years ago. 




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