learning body parts


This is a project that was elaborated for students to establish the processes of writing and reading comprehension have each of them should bear in mind that everyone should create their own sentences according to the selected topic and then be able represent a power point





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use body parts as learning tool for students to formulate sentences in present simple in the use of reading and writing in the formulation of Fraces in groups of three students to observe the image and create sentences each group and show a stall



Each group will have 5 minutes or less to make the presentation in which they have to clearly articulate clearly the sentences using their pronunciation and Writing


in the following address or link he she investigates on the simple present and write them in your notebook of agreement to the parts of the body so that later you expose them in the class en este link nos mostrara como estudiar el presente simplehttp www youtube com watch v 2mcnvst g4ohttp youtu be hvor3cicvgmhttp www leoloqueveo org exterior htm http dibujalia md blogspot com http www theyellowpencil com gramapresente html http youtu be hvor3cicvgm


* elaborate sentences with the use of the simple present according to the parts of the body 
      Vocabulary, pronunciation and grammar  
      Report oral with the description of the parts of the body




Autor: Wladimiro Murillo Jordan

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