English Level 5


This two weeks (24/08/2020 - 04/09/2020) we will be looking in into Nearpod and elements of language, students will be seaching on who this app works and how we will be doing our clases throw there. The book will be guiding us in reading and answering some questions, speaking will also be one of the considered. Some stories that we will be reading are: Return of a Reptile, Turtles in Trouble, Reaching the Summit. Students will also answer questions from each story to see if they understood everything they have read. We will de also be going into writing stradagies like wirting sentences using the correct puncuation, narrative writing, exposotory writing and persuassive writing. 


Lengua Extranjera - Inglés





1. Students will be writing a letter to the presedente of Mexico where they can choose any topic. They will be using apopiate vocublary and not forgetting to add address, name and date.


As we are in our zoom class students will be reading the stories out load so everyone can hear it. When we are done everyone in there will be answering questions about the reading. When we are in the writing assignments they will be writing in word or in there notebook there assignments.


  • Participating 
  • Having class work done
  • Homework (letter) 




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