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Comparatives and superlatives

Victor Fernandez
Spain -
CEIP Montemogos


Idiomas Extranjeros - Inglés




In this WebQuest we a re going to review and practice comparatives and superlatives.

Here's a video talking about this.


In this task, you will become a journalist!!!

Your boss has asked you to compare some things for an article and make a presentation about it.

You are going to create a powerpoint presentation with images, music and your own voice; in the presentation you will show your opinion and be able to describe and compare.

If you want to know how..... just go to ''process''




1. Using the Internet, find pictures to describe.

2. The pictures have to show your opinion of the following:

  1. Compare two famous people using Tall, thin and fat.
  2. Compare 2 subjects using Interesting.
  3. Compare 2 cars using Fast . Use a superlative form too.
  4. Compare 2 actors/actresses using Beautiful/Handsome
  5. Compare 3 sport using dangerous
  6. Compare one city with the rest in a country using Modern

3. You will create a presentation using powerpoint with all the pictures and adding the sentences said by you.

You can add music and record your voice.


You can just find information and images in goolge or any other searcher.

However, here are some links you can useif you need them.




Very Good




Great presentation, holding audience attention, eye contact and fantastic pronunciation.

Great presentation, very good pronunciation and gets audience attention most of the time.

Good presentation and good pronunciation. Audience attention lost sometimes.

Pronunciation OK. Audience attention often lost.


Source information collected from different places and very well contrasted.

Source information collected from different places but not very well contrasted.

Source information collected from few places and not contrasted.

Source information collected from just 1 place.


Makes excellent use of font, colour, graphics, effects, etc. to enhance the presentation.

Makes good use of font, colour, graphics, effects, etc. to enhance to presentation.

Makes use of font, colour, graphics, effects, etc. but occasionally these detract from the presentation content.

Font, colour, graphics, effects…distract from the presentation content.


Content is excellent. No grammar mistakes.

Content is very good. Few grammar mistakes.

Content is good. Few grammar mistakes.

Content is ok. Some grammar mistakes.








0-3 Poor

4-7 Good

8-10 Very good

11-14 Very good

15-16 -> Excellent




I hope you had improved your skills in comparative/superlative sentences.

You have been a wonderful journalist!




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