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Model united nations project - 2nd semester

  introduction as an effort to create full awareness and involve our academic community in up to date global issues, we are motivating students towards thorough research and total immersion into the topic of global ...

8 años atras

Model united nations project - 4th semester

.   introduction as an effort to create full awareness and involve our academic community in up to date global issues, we are motivating students towards thorough research and total immersion into the topic of glob...

8 años atras

Present perfect.

The present perfect is used in the english language to narrate events which have already completed but a short time, like two hours ago or less than a day. the verb in present perfect or present perfect in english, is...

8 años atras

Animals in the world that i live

The wild animals do part of our surroundings and they are to our around. we found them mainly in the jungles, the deserts, the african savanna, the polo, etc. but, also we can find them very near: in the zoo. in there...

8 años atras


Introduction we have reviewed the grammatical structures to express future, now it is time to practice!!!! remember: you have to build your life´s project, express your proposals and personal longings. we are going ...

6 años atras

My pueblito restaurant

.language used to order food in a restaurant brings to you many ways of expressions use in a restaurat  i show you videos,conversations  a variety of vocabulary to practice when you go to a restaurant and  reconize di...

6 años atras


.how does the english language work? if you are interested in discovering the answer to this question, then an introduction to english language is the ideal place to start. written in a clear, lively, and easy to foll...

6 años atras

Pagina de ingles

.este trabajo fue hecho para dar a conocer los temas de ingles que nos han enseñado durante nuestra estancia en el cecytem tultitlan.


6 años atras

Classification of verbs in english language

Now that you are able to conversate in english, we have to work on your grammar to improve your writing skills. as a beginning we will learn about regular and irregular verbs. to have a better idea of regular and irre...

6 años atras

Conservando los recursos naturales de nuestra institucion

El proyecto se realizara en  la institución educativa tres esquinas, sede e vereda guamo grande de municipio de piedecuesta santander. la población participante está conformada por 52 estudiantes y tres docentes. la e...

5 años atras

La lectura: un proceso alegre con las tic.

Es principalmente a través del lenguaje como el ser humano habita el mundo, interroga y descifra la naturaleza, transforma la cultura, se descubre como realmente es a nivel social, recibe, transmite, recrea los sabere...

4 años atras

Elaborar periódico mural informativo

                                                           it is important that when we are acquiring a new language we learn the correct use of the different times. such it is the case of the simple present and  ...

4 años atras

Health problems in teenagers

Health issues that may confront young people include negotiating making choices about alcohol, tobacco and illicit drug use. young men are more likely than young women to drink alcohol and take other drugs and are at ...

3 años atras

Usando codeigniter

Tutorial 1 codeigniter   vamos a comenzar a utilizar el framework codeigniter. voy a intentar explicar como usar el patron de diseño mvc, o modelo vista controlador, que es en el que se basa el desarrollo de aplic...

2 años atras

Same, is the same? (a vlo against disability discrimination)

The following is designed for students among 15 and 18 who want to break their misconceptions about disability, and help impaired students not to be discriminated nor mistreated for their classmates, also about knowin...

1 años atras


This ova (objeto virtual de aprendizaje) will be based on british culture and american culture, everything related to english as its centerpiece. it is hoped to achieve learning and reinforcement on previous knowledge...

1 años atras

Listening to the world - movies special

Listening to the world movies special, is a virtual learning object in which you will learn and improve your level in the english language. here you will find different readings, movies, videos and activities that w...

1 años atras

Write the words: the best way of sharing yourself

Nowadays learning a foreign language is something very important because it is through it that people can share ideas. English is currently the global language, spoken in different countries from all around the wor...

6 meses atras

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