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Bienvenue au québec

Pour n?importe quel immigrant, il est très difficile de se bien s?adapter à un nouveau contexte, où tout pourrait être si bizarre qu?on le croit. c?est pour cela  que,  à travers de quelques sessions, on va chercher l...

9 años atras

Wellcome to queretaro

Your school is receiving some guests. they are from canada. you are going to take them in a tour for showing them all the interesting sites in your state.querétaro has a lot of things!


8 años atras

Pen pals colegio bilbao 2012

The travel agents students will be travel agents promoting their country to be visited. students will get in contact with a pen pal in another part of the world. they will get to know each other interests about trave...

5 años atras

Culture around the world

As a last year student of high school, maybe you're thinking about moving to another country to study, to live or to work. you must know that living in a different culture is not easy. you should ...

3 años atras

Vle about food

Welcome to the virtual learning environments (from here on out vle) about food. in this vle you will find several activities for you to increase and practice your knowledge about healthy and unhealthy food and at the ...

2 años atras

Culture around the world

Maybe in the future you will probably move to another country to study, to live or to work. you should know that living in a different culture implies  being aware about those things that could bring ...

2 años atras


This ova (objeto virtual de aprendizaje) will be based on british culture and american culture, everything related to english as its centerpiece. it is hoped to achieve learning and r...

1 años atras

Legend-ary stories for curious kids

This is a virtual course that was created based on Colombian legends, through this course the participant will know about Colombia geography and culture while he develops his English skills.


5 meses atras

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